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Statement Rwanda: ARTICLE 19 Delivers UPR Outcome Statement
Press release Kenya: Intimidation and harassment of bloggers reaches new high
Kenya: Contempt of Court proceedings abused
Africa: African Peer Review Mechanism in dire need of Review
Ethiopia elections 2015: Restrictions on freedom of expression will hinder free and fair elections
Kenya: Authorities must investigate and prosecute journalist’s murder
Ethiopia UPR: States must not ignore reality for free expression in Ethiopia
African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms launched
Ethiopia: Terrorism charges against Zone 9 Bloggers and journalists must be dropped
HRC must establish Commission of Inquiry
Somaliland: Journalists should be immediately released
Somaliland: Court revokes Haatuf Media Network's license, jails chairman and editor
Ethiopia: Declines to accept UN member states’ recommendations on free expression
Ethiopia journalists and bloggers to be arraigned in court
Release all detained Journalists, EAJA Urges Ethiopian Authorities
Ethiopia: Zone 9 bloggers must be immediately and unconditionally released
Ethiopia detains ARTICLE 19 staff
Eritrea: UN expert warns about persisting human rights violations linked to the national service
AU Commission on Human and Peoples Rights Calls for Freedom of Expression in Somalia
Ethiopia: Open letter from Woubshet Taye
ARTICLE 19 trains Kenyan journalists on their role as vanguards of devolution
Kenya: New laws mark major setback for media freedom in Kenya
Kenya Parliament Pass Controversial Media Bill
Media partners strike deal with house committee on changes to media law.
Report on status of Freedom Of Expression in Eastern Africa
Tanzania: Relief as MPs reject tougher penalties for media offences
Kenya:Standard Group writer threatened by gunmen
Rwanda:ARTICLE 19 trains Rwandan journalists on their changed role under new self-regulation law.
Somali journalist dies at hospital after sustaining gunshot injuries
Somalia:Draft media Law is still too repressive, says NUSOJ
Jailed Awramba Times editor wins CNN’s Free Press Africa Award
Kenya: Two Reporters Win Case Against Police Officers
Ethiopia: ARTICLE 19 submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review of Ethiopia
Two Somali reporters wounded in suicide bombing attack
Kenya:Reporter Threatened
Legal analysis:Uganda Public Order Management Bill
Somalia:Journalist Attacked
Somalia Media Law 2013 Analysis.
Rwanda:Editor Released
Somalia:Journalist still admitted in hospital
Somalia:Journalist Killed
Somaliland: Conviction of Journalists is a Miscarriage of Justice.
African Union rapporteur leads campaign for East and Horn of Africa states to decriminalise defamation
NUSOJ condemns sentencing of Somaliland Journalists
African Union’s Special Rapporteur urges states to ensure safety of journalists
Eritrea:ARTICLE 19's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review
Somalia: Somaliland Issues Two New Charges Against Banned Newspaper Hubaal.
UJU Condemns Killing of Ugandan Freelance Journalist
Uganda: The Faj Condemns the Killing of a Journalist in Uganda.
NUSOJ Condemns Closure of Newspapers in Somaliland.
Safety of Journalists in Kenya Survey Report.
Somaliland: Hubal Newspaper Shut-down.
Burundi: Assent for media law blow to free expression.
Kenyan Journalists Threaten Parliament With Media Blackout
Eritrea: A Nation Silenced,Media Freedom Curtailed.
Uganda Police Holding Our Newspapers - Rwandan Publishers
Uganda: Police raids on the media are an attack on free expression
Monitor reporter cleared of libel
Journalists ordered to dress in suit for assembly sessions
State to give updates on four media laws
Kenya Media under Sharp Focus after March 4th 2013 Poll
GSU Officers Beat Journalists Covering Riots
Civil society delegates of the 2nd UN Inter-Agency meeting on the Safety of Journalists Statement
Kenya: Country must address human rights record if it wants a seat at the Human Rights Council
Ethiopia: Authorities must drop terrorism charges against journalist who reported on anti-government protests
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