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ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa

ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa is a regional non-governmental organisation that works for social justice and accountability.

Our mission is to promote, protect, develop and achieve l freedom of expression and freedom of information.

We aim to:

  • Strengthen social justice both regionally and globally.
  • Empower people in the region to make autonomous and informed choices.

We believe that achieving this will enable people in East Africa and neighbouring countries to live with dignity. Working in partnership with other individuals and organisations committed to reform will also enable us to be effective agents of social justice and accountability.

We believe that being able to access quality information is not only the right of every person but also a critical tool for sustainable development. We acknowledge the transformative role that freedom of expression and freedom of information have to play in tackling the complex issues of global justice, democracy, accountability and poverty reduction.

ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa is part of the international organisation, ARTICLE 19. Internationally, the organisation is made up of regional offices based in:

  • Europe (United Kingdom).
  • East Africa (Kenya).
  • West Africa (Senegal).
  • Central America (Mexico).
  • South America (Brazil).
  • Central Asia (Bangladesh).

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