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What do we do?

ARTICLE 19 works so that people everywhere can speak freely, access information and enjoy freedom of the press.

  • ARTICLE 19 designs and promotes laws and policies that protect free expression holds abusers and governments to account, and advocates for legal reforms. Through our legal and policy hot desk, ARTICLE 19 also responds to urgent requests from national activists needing support and coped advice.
  • ARTICLE 19 defends victims by monitoring and analysing abuses, publicising the plight of individuals under attack, providing security training and security measures for journalists and human rights defenders, and litigating on their behalf.
  • ARTICLE 19 assists the media in its professional development with a range of training and capacity-building resources on freedom of the press, journalists’ rights, defamation, public interest broadcasting, media pluralism, and reporting diversity.
  • ARTICLE 19 actively demands transparency and accountability by testing governments’ transparency practices and access to information provisions, and campaigning for the disclosure of public interest information.

ARTICLE 19 is a world class pioneer applying a free speech approach to al’ aspects of policy, including development, public health the environment, and sexual and reproductive rights.

  • ARTICLE 19 has challenged governments withholding information on the environment from Russia and Ukraine to Brazil, Malaysia and Bangladesh.
  • ARTICLE 19’s ground-breaking book, The Right to Know, has become a key reference for women’s sexual and reproductive rights campaigners around the world. It shows how governments censor and tail to provide information about abortion, contraception and AIDS. ARTICLE 19 has tested this pioneering research in a range of practical contests, including in Peru and Mexico where ARTICLE 19 is campaigning for public access to health information.

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