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Rwanda:Editor Released

Article 19.

29 July 2013.

Stanley Gatera, Editor of Umusingi a Kinyarwanda Newspaper was on Friday 26 July released from prison after completing his jail term. Stanley was sentenced in November 2012 to a year in prison on charges of divisionism and sectarianism due an article published in his newspaper. He was arrested after complaints were filed by the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) and women’s rights non-governmental organisation ProFemme Twese Hamwe over an article published in Umusingi issue 71 dated June 25 July 5, 2012. The story titled “Impamvu abagabo bahura n’ibibazo kubera gukurikira ubwiza bwabakobwa bitwaga Abatutsi,” which loosely translates “Marriage failures are a result of men falling for beautiful Tutsi women”, is reported to have angered women rights organizations who said it caused sectarianism and divisionism. His case was supported by Article 19 through the Emergency Support Fund.

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