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State to give updates on four media laws


The Star
TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2013 - 00:00 –

THE government will give an update on the status of the four critical media laws that will in future govern the sector. Director of Public Communications in the ministry of Information Mary Ombara said the Revised Media Bill 2012 will be presented at a stakeholders meeting within seven days.

“The new draft bill seeks to reform, among other things, the composition of the Media Council of Kenya whose current membership is being discussed in some quarters,” Ombara told a press briefing.
She said the ministry has forwarded the Freedom of Information Bill to the Committee of Implementation of the Constitution. “The point of contention over the bill is the requirement for private enterprises to access information,” she said.

Ombara said the Independent Communications Commission of Kenya Act is ready. “The bill seeks to remove control of government in media broadcast and the regulation of telecommunications,” she said. The bill also proposes that ICCK be run as a commission.

Ombara said the revised Kenya Information and Communications Bill 2012 is also ready for presentation. The bill removes the administration of CCK from KICA ( 2008).

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