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Burundi Press Releases

burundiHuman Right’s Watch researcher Neela Ghoshal was told on 18 May by the Burundi government that her work permit had been withdrawn just days before the country elects a government. ARTICLE 19 calls upon the Burundi government to refrain from intimidating critical voices, and to protect freedom of expression, a vital component in democratic elections. Neela Ghoshal wrote a report titled: “We’ll Tie You Up and Shoot You” published by Human Rights Watch just days before being informed of her expulsion. The report addresses the lack of accountability for political violence in Burundi. Ghoshal has been ordered to leave by 5 June.

The government’s move comes as part of a wider crackdown in the run up to the elections, which have been unexpectedly delayed from 21 May to 28 May for unclear reasons.

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