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Somalia: Suicide bomb attack targets journalists, killing three

21 Sept 2012

ARTICLE 19 condemns the suicide bomb attack that left three Somali journalists dead and at least seven others seriously wounded. The attack took place in a café normally used by journalists. We urge the law enforcement authorities to launch a prompt and effective investigation into the incident and bring those responsible to justice.

“We share our deep condolences with the families of the killed journalists and the media in Somalia. This heinous killing of journalists and civilians has made Somalia the most dangerous country for anyone working in the media. 2012 is the worst year for journalists in Mogadishu with 12 killed until now. This is also a crime against freedom of expression, as it was clear they were the target since the suicide bombers blew up a hotel they knew was used regularly by journalists,” said Henry Maina, ARTICLE 19 Director Eastern Africa.

According to ARTICLE 19 partners in Mogadishu, on 20 September, two suicide bombers targeted a restaurant called ‘the Village’ located in central Mogadishu, killing at least 18 people, including 3 journalists and injured 7 journalists. Those killed included Abdisatar Dahir Sabriye and Liban Ali Nuur from Radio Muqdisho/TV,  and Abdirahmaan Yasiin, the Director of VOD Radio Xama.
Safety and security for Somali journalists continues to be an issue of concern, particularly as they are clearly being targeted because of their work. ARTICLE 19 calls upon the law enforcement authorities to launch an investigation into this crime and bring those who perpetrate violence against journalists to justice. Those responsible for this heinous suicide attack should be held accountable.

In addition, the new government of Somalia must also  take measures that will guarantee press freedom and ensure that journalists are not intimidated in the course of their work.

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