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Somaliland: Hubal Newspaper Shut-down.

 Article 19.

11 June 2013

Somaliland administration has ordered the closure of the independent Hubaal newspaper and its English sister publication of The Independent. The order to close the newspaper was requested by the attorney general and ordered by Hargeisa district court to immediately cease publication. The paper was visited by police officers who delivered the order from the President. Hubaal is daily newspaper.

According to the Hargeisa regional chief magistrate Feisal Abdilahi Ismail, the Hubal shut-down order that emanated from a request from the office of the Attorney General also affects any printing house that facilitates the production of the Hubal media group publications while the ban stands.

According to the Hubal editor –in-Chief Mr. Abdilahi Aden Omar 'Wayab' the shutdown of the media house by the state is as a result of an article it published pertaining to the ongoing saga of the Nile dam between Egypt and Ethiopia in which the paper requested the Somaliland administration to publicly indicate its stand on the issue. The article in question had mentioned the Egyptian threat to destroy the ongoing construction of the Nile dam by attacking Ethiopia and its allies notably Somaliland.

The Hubal media group was in the news recently after two armed police officers attacked the group's offices in the middle of the night firing bullets at Editor Mohamed Ahmed Jama 'Alole'.In the scuffle Alole was beaten repeatedly at the hands of police officers and broke his arm.One of the police officers was arrested and remains in custody while the other officer remains at large.

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