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Political Parties failing to fully utilize media

Ethiopian Broadcast Authority (EBA) says political parties have not utilized fully the free airtime and the space allotted to them in the print media during the past two weeks. EBA Follow up Capacity Building Director, Deressa Terefe said the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front has used 98 percent of its allotted air time in the radio, 100 percent in television and 86 percent in the print media. EPRDF partner parties have used only 51 percent of the time allocated in radio and 33 percent in television. Opposition political parties have used 37 percent of the time allocated in radio, 53 percent in television and 2 percent in the print media, the director stated.


According to the director, capacity limitation, lack of cooperation on the part of some media outlets and breaching of law are among the major reasons problems encountered. EBA Director-General, Zeray Asgedom said on his part that the media have been working cooperatively with all the political parties. They have provided them with technical support in order to promote and publicize their programs, he noted. Yet, some of the media should provide technical and studio support to the political parties, the Director-General added. The authority finally called on all political parties to give prime attention to preparing their promotional programs based on the editorial policies. (